Welcome to the website of Yahweh’s Frystown Assembly.  We are a group of Sacred Name brethren dedicated to giving praise and worship to our Heavenly Father in a manner pleasing to Him.

We believe it important to not just learn truth, but to also integrate that truth into our worship. We seek to be a people of truth. From our congregation’s name, you can readily see that we use a unique Name for the Almighty Father. This is because we have found in Scripture that His Name is important to Him. As with all truth, if it is important to Yahweh, then it must become important to us! It’s just that simple. While some traditions may be benign or even good, they cannot supersede the authority of truth. Traditions are simply not relevant to our salvation walk. The same principle applies with respect to our Savior’s Name.


However, what causes Frystown to be truly unique and a joy to serve is the beautiful spirit manifested by the brethren who worship here. While we cannot move our congregation to the confines of your home, we hope the spirit prevalent during our weekly worship will manifest itself on the pages of this website. For an even greater sense of this Assembly, be sure to request a complimentary DVD of our services. The brethren here love Almighty Yahweh as well as one another, and with this attitude, growing in grace and in the knowledge of Him is certainly made more meaningful.

Come into our website, and share in the spirit of Yahweh!With love in Yahshua’s Name, Jacob C. Meyer, Pastor